Update on our Books

We have been so busy lately with New York Comiccon, shipping out our book, and restocking our European retailers that we didn't have time to post anything for a month!

Let me start off by saying that the books did arrive. Unfortunately they arrived 3 months later than they should have and so many were in horrible condition that we ended up returning most of them back to the factory. We were however able to have just enough books to fulfill our commitment to our kickstarter backers. After painstakingly looking through every single page with a fine tooth comb, everyone received a signed copy of Just Another Birthday which was to our standard.

So what does this mean for anyone who wants one or even another copy of our book? Well we are going into a second edition printing. We made a few small changes to some of the artwork to enhance the page layouts slightly. It is expected to be available on our website for sale early 2016, and then we will bring it with us to cons until they run out.

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