Podcasts I Like

I've been wanting to make this list of my favourite podcasts for a while, so here it is. If you don't listen to podcasts or never have, then these would be great places to start. It's very hard to get me to start a new podcast, as I've been listening for the last three years now and only seriously follow the five mentioned below.

The Joe Rogan Experience - My favourite podcast before bed. A great blend of comedy, psychedelic talk, aliens, government and MMA. Be sure you have about 3 free hours of free time because these pods run long with interesting guests.

Duncan Trussell Family Hour - I just started listening to this one so it's still being referred to as 'The Lavender Hour' by the hosts. I really enjoy this pod because it's silly and usually goes into long hippy rants about how society is messed up.

Feab - I like this one because it's an easy listen. With talks about books, tech, and everyday life.

Tell Em' Steve-Dave - I've listened to this pod every week since it first came out three years ago. The show is hosted by the guys behind the Comic Book Men tv show on AMC also known from Kevin Smith's Mallrats. There are some great episodes where these guys verbally rip eachother a part. I've laughed so hard listening to this pod all the way back since I was printing our shirts myself from our apartment.

Smodcast - This was the original podcast that started it all for me. Kevin Smith sits down with his producer and best friend to talk about everything from the news, to projects their working on, to going off on tangents making up crazy scenarios.