Otakuthon 2010

Once a year approximately 5,000 people who share a common interest in anime get together in China Town for Otakuthon. Otaku is a term in Japanese for someone who has obsessive interests in anime, manga, or video games. As we consider our shirts to be a unique item based off of Japanese horror we feel it necessary to share it with this cultural phenomenon. Here are a few photos taken at the event that went on this weekend: Our dear friend Ashley came by and surprised us with her rendition of the Tokyo Massacre design! Chainsaw cosplay, cute goth girl, cute horror cosplay She spent the last two weeks crafting the mask and chainsaw out of paper-maché. She got every little detail, and even the Akumu Ink logo's there, lol: Tokyo Chan, chainsaw cosplay, chainsaw schoolgirl, Asian cosplay, horror cosplayOtakuthon horror tshirt, otakuthon gothique tshirt, otakuthon emo tshirts, Montreal Elmo tshirt brand, Montreal goth tshirt brand otakuthon,Otakuthon skull art, otakuthon tshirt skelette