Danny Gets a Tattoo

How awesome is it to be an artist doing your own thing creating wearable art that people actually wear on a regular basis. But what if wearing it on a tshirt isn't enough for some? I know we are heavily implicated with most of Canada's tattoo convention circuit so we are around tattoos and tattoo artists a lot. But we didn't really think we'd be the reason for someone to get a tattoo! I got a call from my friend/tattoo artist extraordinaire Melissa from Sin City Tattoo and Piercing in Montreal, letting me know that one of her clients was really interested in getting a tattoo done of one of our designs. I was shocked that anyone would want my art on their skin forever! Then at the Laval tattoo convention I had the pleasure of meeting Danny (Melissa's client). So now it's your turn to meet Danny and Melissa and see the process of tattooing our design on him.