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The Black Label

Posted on January 28 2009

So as promised here is what the sewing machine is for. I know it's very easy to outsource some things like getting someone else to print our shirts, or getting someone else to sew on our labels; especially considering that Dora and I usually get home at 6:00pm during the week due to her going to school and me going to work. But we love doing it. We love the whole process, and it just means so much more when we get feedback from you saying you love it too! So starting today we will be printing labels on all our tshirts and hoodies. You might be wondering why we're keeping the American Apparel tag on underneath our tag...We still want to build our brand around a quality product.

In other news, new design is totally conceptualized but I have no time to make it... We're preparing really hard for the fashion show on Saturday. If you can make it to the Metropolis come and check us out ;)


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