Tattoo Apprenticeship

September 24th, 2010

Tomorrow I’m going to have a trial apprenticeship at Sin City Tattoo and Piercing in Montreal! I’ve been considering learning to tatoo for a while and since things are getting quiet come winter I thought “What better time to learn?” So tomorrow I’ll be going for a trial day. See if it’s something I want to spend the next few months learning. This will not affect Akumu Ink in any way!

We’ll really see how things go tomorrow and we’ll go from there ;)

4 Responses to “Tattoo Apprenticeship”

  1. Shawn Morel-smith says:

    OMG…thats where my cousin works!!!!!

  2. AkumuInk (Joey) says:

    Who’s your cousin?

  3. Shawn Morel-smith says:

    well she probably wasnt there at the time but her name is veronique

  4. AkumuInk (Joey) says:

    right, she wasn’t there. But yeah she’s getting an apprenticeship currently.

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